Best Chromebook Deals: Big Savings on Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and More

Chromebooks are an excellent alternative to Windows laptops, which are often quite expensive. That’s because ChromeOS is a bit more lightweight than Windows and doesn’t need the same resources, meaning you get a lot more out of lower specs. So if you’ve been wanting to grab a new laptop but have been comfortable with some of the prices you’ve seen, Chromebooks are something worth considering.

Also, since they’re less complicated to use, Chromebooks can make excellent laptops for kids. (They might already be using one for school.) Chromebooks are good, too, for less-tech-savvy adults in need of just a simple computer, or anyone who wants an inexpensive laptop for a home office, along with some entertainment. There’s even a new crop of big-screen Chromebooks for gamers.

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To help you find the best Chromebook deal, CNET’s editors have selected all the top discounted Chromebooks available right now. One word of shopping advice: Though Chromebooks can run well on modest components, some heavily discounted models online might still be too underpowered. A big discount might not be worth the frustration. Also, if the Chromebook is cheap, be sure to check the auto-update expiration date for the model. The AUE is when ChromeOS stops receiving system updates and is typically eight years out, but the date isn’t the same for every model. 

We’ll continue to monitor Chromebook deals and regularly update this list, so check back for the best prices.



The Acer Chromebook 315 is a great option if you need something that’s budget-friendly and good for getting online and doing the basics. It has an Intel Celeron N4020, which is an entry-level processor that can handle most productivity tasks, especially since ChromeOS isn’t as heavy as Windows. It also has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of drive space, which is a good amount for this price point.



Though the Samsung 15 Chromebook isn’t the cheapest around, it has an FHD resolution with a 15.6-inch screen, which is great for watching content. The Intel Celeron N4000 is a fine entry-level CPU that can handle most productivity tasks without issue, and the 4GB of RAM is solid too. The 64GB of storage is a bit on the lower end, but if you stream most of your content, that shouldn’t be an issue.



If you want something a bit smaller and more portable, the Lenovo Flex 3i has a 12.2-inch screen with a 1,920×1,200 resolution. It also comes with a slightly more powerful Intel N100 processor, and 4GB of DDR5 RAM, instead of the usual DDR4. Storage is still on the lower end at 64GB though.



This HP Chromebook has a larger 15.6-inch FHD screen and an almost desktop-grade Intel Core i3. You also get a great 8GB of RAM, and about average storage of 128GB. You also get six months of Webroot internet security and antivirus, six months of Norton 360 and three months of YouTube Premium if you’re a new subscriber.



The Lenovo Flex 3 is a great option if you want something a little more powerful with a good touchscreen, which is 15.6 inches wide and runs an FHD resolution. The Pentium Silver N6000 processor, while entry level, is more than enough for ChromeOS, and the 8GB of RAM is plenty to provide for a smooth experience.



The Acer Chromebook Spin 714 has the same sort of power you might find on a desktop, with an Intel Core i5-1335U. That’s more than enough for productivity tasks and will work for more-complex things like audio editing, especially given how portable it is. The 14-inch screen can hit a resolution of 1,920×1,200 and the whole thing comes with 8GB of RAM and an impressive 256GB of SSD space.

What should you look for in a Chromebook deal?

One of the biggest things to consider is which configuration is on sale. Often, with the best Chromebook deals, only a specific version of the Chromebook is on sale, and making any changes to it could affect the price. This means that sometimes you find the 256GB model is actually cheaper than the 128GB option, or a similar situation.

When are the best deals available?

Generally, you’ll find the best Chromebook deals during back-to-school shopping time in late summer or early fall, and a bit later in the year during annual Black Friday sales events. Chromebook deals are available throughout the year, but if you’re looking for the best deal and can afford to wait a little, these are the best times of the year to buy one.

Which retailers usually offer the best deals?

You can usually find deals across a variety of retailers when it comes to Chromebook sales. Amazon and Best Buy are constantly running discounts, and deals can also be found at Newegg and Walmart. Amazon’s prices fluctuate and Best Buy’s sales come and go, so it’s worth checking back weekly to see if a discounted price returns.

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