Holiday Deals and Great Gift Ideas From CNET Editors

The holidays are inching nearer, and if you’re still trying to figure out what to give your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. CNET editors have come together to share our favorite products — ones we’re gifting and adding to our own Christmas lists this year. Of course, the iPad is on our list, along with a Roku streaming stick and so much more. 

We’ve included a slew of our favorites below, with special attention paid to picks that were popular among our readers in November and, in most cases, are still deeply discounted. In fact, many of these products still have their Black Friday prices attached. If these gifts don’t stand out to you, check out our lists of best gifts for those who already have it all and best Christmas gift ideas.

Apple iPad 2021 10.2-inch


If you’ve been thinking about buying an iPad, this is the perfect time of year to grab one on sale. At $250 from Best Buy, this 9th-gen iPad is hard to pass up — and it’s the gift that keeps on giving when you need to entertain a 5-year-old on a trip (just ask CNET’s James Bricknell).  

The original PlayStation 5 console featuring Spider-Man 2 and the DualSense controller are displayed against a blue background.


Can’t decide between the PS5 Slim or an Xbox? According to CNET’s David Katzmaier, it all comes down to the controllers: “The PS5 controllers are smoother, feel more solid in my hands and the haptic feedback is lightyears better.” Plus, at this discounted price, you’re basically getting the Spider-Man 2 game free. 

A green Bose Bluetooth speaker against a teal background.


If you’re looking for a small portable speaker with big sound, the Bose SoundLink Flex is the way to go. “It sounds way better than it has any business being capable of for how small it is,” CNET’s John Puterbaugh says. As an owner of the SoundLink Flex, I second that statement. 

Black Audio Technica turntable


If you’re shopping for a turntable as a gift this year, CNET’s Mary-Elizabeth Combs has already done the research for you and recommends the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT. “I take comfort in knowing that I can spin my favorite LPs and I won’t have to worry about my turntable inflicting damage on my records,” she said.

p1s 3D printer on a blue background

Bambu Lab/EcoFlow/CNET

Looking to splurge this holiday season? Searching for a gift someone doesn’t already have? This highly recommended Bambu Lab P1S 3D printer might be what you need. “The speed at which it prints, coupled with the fantastic quality, make it a force to be reckoned with,” CNET’s James Bricknell said.

Zenni Optical frames on green background


If your kids need new glasses and you’ve still got some FSA money you need to spend, head over to Zenni and take advantage of its buy one, get one 25% off deal. As CNET’s Peter Butler said, “It’s essential for me to replace glasses without decimating my budget, which is why I’ve been a big fan of discount eyeglasses provider Zenni Optical for many years.”


James Martin/CNET

The Vizio V-series sound bar is the perfect gift for movie lovers looking for a theater-like experience. CNET’s Arielle Burton said she loves this sound bar because it’s lightweight and packs a strong punch for such a slim device. As an owner of this sound bar, I couldn’t agree more.

car jump starter battery pack with mini jumper cables on blue background


Anyone who owns a car needs this nifty Powrun P-ONE jump starter, which is nearly 50% off right now. CNET’s Katelyn Chedraoui swears by it, calling it an “idiot-proof” jump starter that “gets your car battery running again without another car or anyone’s help.” 

Ninja Foodi 8 quart on a green background


If you know someone who doesn’t own an air fryer, do them a favor and give them this Ninja Foodi 8-quart air fryer. CNET’s James Bricknell, who feeds a large family, says this one “makes meal times hassle-free, or as hassle-free as feeding six can be.”

Roku Streaming Stick 4K


For anyone looking to cut ties with cable, the Roku 4K streaming stick is a great gift option. It comes with streaming apps already built in, so all you have to do is sign in. CNET’s Arielle Burton uses it to listen to music on Spotify and binge-watch cooking shows. You can even plug this little gadget into projectors for movie nights. 

THe Hoto Nex O1 Pro electric screwdriver with steel long bits is displayed against a yellow background.


If you know someone who’s constantly working on things around the house, this nifty Hoto electric screwdriver could be the gift that saves them time. This all-in-one screwdriver comes with 12 easy-to-change magnetic bits. CNET’s Adrian Marlow has one and says it’s well worth it to switch your manual screwdriver over to an electric model.

A white Lomi Classic electric composter against an orange background.


The Lomi composter is a perfect gift for the recycler in your life and it’s nearly half price (with a subscription) right now. After using the composter, CNET’s David Watsky said it was shocking to see all the food scraps he had previously been sending to the landfill. 

Xbox Series S with two controllers


Buying a gift for the gamer in your life? This Xbox Series S comes with an extra wireless controller and a three-month game pass. Here’s what CNET’s Zach McAuliffe has to say about it: “The Series S has enough power to handle my streaming needs and play the latest games, without any hiccups or graphical issues.”

Also, if you’re looking to upgrade to the Xbox Series X, it’s marked down to $400

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