LG’s 2024 OLED TVs Cut Wires, Boost Brightness – Video

LG's 2024 OLED TVs Cut Wires, Boost Brightness

Speaker 1: Hey guys, I’m hearing LG Suite. This is the M four wireless tv. This thing, you connect your devices to the box itself and it beams them across to the tv. No wires required. You do have to plug power into this television, but again, that wireless TV technology, pretty cool if you want to ease your setup with no wires. Now, LG sold this TV last year in the M three series. This is the M four series. Couple of improvements. It’s brighter, they’re saying, as well as it has 144 hertz native refresh rate. So this thing is also [00:00:30] available in sizes down to 65 inch. They’re making it a little bit more accessible by getting in that slightly smaller screen size. But again, it’s not going to be an inexpensive television by any means is a very high-end TV with that wireless TV technology and of course lgs Extra Bright panel.

Speaker 1: Speaking of, come With me, we’re also going to look at LGS G four television. This guy is an 83 inch size. They’re making this TV again, just as bright, we’re even brighter than last year. I reviewed the G three. Really liked the picture quality on it. Again, that brightness [00:01:00] was spectacular. It’s actually the best performing picture I’ve seen on any TV period. So the G four this year, they’re saying is again going to be brighter. It comes in that 83 inch size down to the 55 inch size. All with that extra bright technology, and again, overall picture quality, really spectacular judging from what was available last year. They’re adding that 144 hertz refresh rate. The idea there is if you have a PC that can go up to that slightly higher than one 20 refresh rate, it’ll handle it. They’re saying this the first time that a television [00:01:30] can handle 144 hertz native output from the pc, so that’s pretty cool.

Speaker 1: The final one I’m going to show you is the C four walk with me here. Now the C four is lgs sort of mainstream ole model for 2024. This is 77 inch size here and last year when I read the C3, I called it the best High-end TV four. The money, they haven’t revealed pricing on any of these televisions yet, but I expect the C four to be right up there in that competition. Again, they’re saying that it does get brighter. One of the improvements though is that even [00:02:00] the 42 and 44 inch sizes, the smaller versions of this OLED TV are going to get that brightness bump. So that wasn’t the case last year. We’re seeing the C four again, maybe one of the better competitors for best High-end TV for the money. And it also has that 144 Hertz tech, otherwise very similar to C3 from last year. We’ll see how it looks when I compare it in the lab at CNA a little bit later this year. And that’s a look at LGS line of TVs for 2024 from the M four down to the C four.

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