Pixel 7A Deals: Score One for Free & Other Trade-in Offers to Take Advantage of Right Now

Google has impressed with its array of phones, including several that are among our favorite Android phones. And for those budget-conscious buyers looking for an affordable phone, it’s hard to beat the Pixel 7A. This phone is a more stripped-down version of Google’s flagship Pixel 7, and it’s one of the best Android phones that you can get for less than $500. While the deals seem to come and go on this earlier-model Google phone, we’re seeing some consistently good pricing, especially through carrier deals. 

Despite being the entry-level device in Google’s range, the Pixel 7A is still plenty powerful, with the same Google Tensor G2 chip as the step-up Pixel 7, a new 64-megapixel main camera and a 90Hz screen for smooth scrolling. It also adds nice-to-haves like wireless charging and face unlock, features not found on previous A-series phones. Though the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are out on the market, the 7A is brighter than the previous 6A model, plus you can expect all-day battery life with mixed usage (or longer if you use the extreme battery-saving mode). 

Google's Pixel 7A phone

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The 6.1-inch Pixel 7A is a touch smaller than the 6.3-inch Pixel 7, which will be a boon for small-phone fans or those who like to use their devices one-handed. Though technically a step down in terms of hardware, the camera boasts performance comparable to that of the Pixel 7 for casual photographers, though the flagship Pixel 7 Pro offers some fancier features for mobile photography enthusiasts. 

Below we’ve rounded up the best Pixel 7A deals, and we’ll keep this page updated as new offers emerge. 


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How much does the Pixel 7A cost? 

There’s only one configuration of Pixel 7A. It comes with 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM and currently costs $499 in the US. 

What colors does the Pixel 7A come in? 

Google's Pixel 7A phone

James Martin/CNET

The Pixel 7A comes in four colors: black, white, light blue and a Google Store-exclusive coral. 

Best Pixel 7A deals

Best Buy doesn’t have any straightforward discounts right now, but you can get up to a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and three months of YouTube Premium with the purchase.

As always, Best Buy offers a trade-in program usually of up to $680, however you cannot trade in a phone that is of greater value than the phone you purchase. Because this is an earlier model phone, you’re more likely to trade in an earlier model, so your savings is more likely to be between $50 and $150. 

Like Best Buy, Google isn’t offering a straightforward discount on the Pixel 7A. However, it does have the exclusive coral color variant and a trade-in program. Though the amount varies depending on the phone you’re trading in, you’re more likely to get between $50 and $200 credit. 

You can save up to $500 when you trade in your old phone at T-Mobile and have or switch to an eligible service plan, which gets you the phone for free at its full value. You’ll get the full discount for newer phones, but even old devices will still net you $250 in savings. 

Mint is six free months of service when you buy the Pixel 7A with a six-month plan. The only catch seems to be that Mint only has the black color variant available.

When you buy the Google Pixel 7A with an Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, you’ll get the device for free. You can also get up to $220 off in promotional credits if you bundle this phone with a Google Pixel Watch. 

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