Save on Chipolo Trackers and Never Lose Your Wallet or Keys Again

Losing your wallet, keys or backpack can end up being a pretty costly mistake — not to mention a major headache. So it’s worth spending a little up front so you can track them down if they go missing. Chipolo makes sleek and convenient Bluetooth trackers that’ll fit just about anywhere, and right now you can snag some at a discounted rate.

Chipolo currently has a few discount codes available, including RINGKEYS20, which will get you up to 30% off Chipolo One trackers. You can grab a single tracker for $20, down from its original $25 price. There are even more deals to be had if you spring for the multipacks. A pack of four is usually listed for $100 but is currently on sale for $75. With RINGKEYS20, you can get four trackers for just $60. This also applies to the pack of six. Combining the coupon with the current sale will get you six trackers for $84 instead of $150.

You can nab deals on other trackers, including the Card Spot. The Card Spot is ultrathin, at just 2.4mm, so you can easily slip it into your wallet, and it boasts a battery life of up to two years. You can grab these with code FINDWALLET20, which will take up to 20% off the current sale prices. For example, a pack of four Card Spots is typically priced at $140. It’s currently on sale for $112 and your discount code will take you down to just $90. The code also applies to the new Card Point — which is available for preorder now. Chipolo also has bundles, so you can get 25% off the Chipolo Bundle, which includes two Chipolo Ones and one Chipolo Card. There’s also the Chipolo Spot Bundle, which has one Card Spot and two One Spots included. Use code GIFT20 to activate these savings.

Some Chipolo trackers use Apple’s Find My network, which means you’ll be able to see their location as long as they’re in the proximity of someone’s iPhone or other Apple device. Plus, they’re equipped with a built-in alarm that you can activate through the companion app. So you can easily track your items down when you’re nearby, and they’ll even send alerts to your phone when you leave one behind. They’re also fairly rugged, with an IPX5 water-resistance rating, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet. However, if you’re not sold on the Chipolo trackers, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best Bluetooth tracker for you.

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