Tecno’s AI-Powered Robot Dog Is Inspired by the German Shepherd

Robot dogs have barked up a storm in recent years, and tech companies are all for it. Chinese firm Tecno showed off its first robotic dog on Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Tecno’s sleek Dynamic 1 joins the wave of high-tech canines we’ve seen on the tech scene in recent years.

The AI-powered Dynamic 1 can climb up a flight of stairs, bow and shake hands. It can respond to voice commands as it’s equipped with four microphones and an AI-based voice recognition algorithm, according to the company. The Dynamic 1 can also respond to a smartphone app or remote, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.  

The Dynamic 1 has a headlight system, which illuminates its path and acts as an indicator for interacting with people, according to Tecno. It’s powered by an ARM CPU, which enables dynamic stability, rapid post-fall recovery and speeds of up to 3.7 meters per second (roughly 8.3 mph), according to Tecno. It’s also packed with a range of cameras and sensors that enable it to navigate obstacles. 

Its 15,000-mAh battery allows for up to 90 minutes of use, according to Tecno. It doesn’t have a USB-C port for recharging, but instead “allows for quick battery exchanges and simultaneous charging.” 

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Tecno says the Dynamic 1’s design was inspired by the German Shephard. Although it doesn’t look quite as friendly as a real pooch, it’s supposed to offer a glimpse into a future, as envisioned by Tecno. A dystopian-sounding future where people presumably live with robotic dogs, which are marketed as requiring less upkeep than a real canine, but still come with companionship benefits.

Robot dogs haven’t quite made their way into our homes (and hearts) yet, but that hasn’t stoped makers from spending millions to develop high-tech canines. In 2021, Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi debuted its inaugural Cyberdog, complete with USB-C recharging. It’s since followed that up with the CyberDog 2. 

It’s unclear whether the Dynamic 1 will be up for sale. One thing is clear, though: Tecno is bolstering its AI and advanced robotics credentials on the international stage that Mobile World Congress offers.

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