The 8 Best Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Cases

Updated Feb. 4, 2024 1:00 p.m. PT

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$30 at Moment


Best for adding camera lens

MagSafe Compatible Moment Case for iPhone 12

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$10 at Amazon


Incipio’s green case

Incipio Organicore

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$58 at Casetify


Customizable compostable case

Casetify Ultra Compostable Cases

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$9 at Amazon


Under $10 option

Eplantita Eco-Friendly Case

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The Tech21 Eco Slim case for iPhone 12 comes in a few different colors

Top slim eco iPhone 12 case

Tech 21 Eco Slim Phone Case

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When a phone has been out for a while, the number of options for accessories and cases can become overwhelming. If you have your iPhone 12, chances are you’re trying to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. The right case will keep your iPhone 12 protected so you can keep using it for as long as you’d like. Getting the right case doesn’t have to mean carrying around a ton of plastic and rubber that will get tossed out with the phone when you upgrade. Today there are lots of high-quality cases that not only protect your phone but also the environment. There are options for covers that are made of recycled or biodegradable materials.

Eco cases can look and feel slightly different from standard thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, cases — particularly the wooden ones — but most people wouldn’t even realize you were using an eco-friendly case unless you told them. Many offer good drop protection, and all the cases on this list are compatible with wireless chargers.

It’s also worth noting that many of these cases are available for earlier iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS, and many of those cases are discounted.

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Moment’s iPhone 12 case is thin and comes with a soft-to-the-touch texture. It is made out of biodegradable materials so the body is compostable after the polycarbonate parts are removed. It can be tossed in your compost bin when you are done with the product. 

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You know all those compact discs you no longer listen to? Nimble makes translucent iPhone cases out of them. They’re only around $25 now, which is a bonus to those of us who like the idea of protecting the latest technology with recycled technology. They have antimicrobial protection, are scratch-resistant, and aren’t supposed to turn yellow over time. While the Disc Case is slim, it’s rated for 6-foot drop protection. 

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Incipio’s Organicore cases are made with 100% compostable and biodegradable materials and also have eco-friendly packaging. Organicore cases offer 8-foot drop protection and are available in three color options: black, natural, and eucalyptus (pictured here). Note that Amazon is listing different prices for certain colors of the Organicore case. Also, the Organicore is available in a iPhone 12 Pro Max version.

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Casetify launched its Ultra Compostable Cases after its earlier Conscious cases. This eco model increases the drop protection to 6.6 feet and is made with the 100% compostable, plant-based material Ecotify, the company’s proprietary blend of biopolymers, starch, and bamboo grain.

Casetify also says the packaging is made of 100% sustainable, recycled, and compostable materials including eco-friendly, nontoxic ink made from soybeans. The case has a raised edge design to protect the screens and is available in seven color options. The price is high at $58, but the case is customizable with personalization and prints.

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This is the only case on the list I haven’t yet tried, but the Amazon user reviews for it are positive and it costs only $9. Eplantita says its case is built from 100% biodegradable wheat straw and recyclable TPU. It fully covers your phone and has raised edges, so that should help with any face-down drops. It’s available in several color options.

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Lifeproof’s Wake case is made out of recycled ocean plastic (85% of it anyway). It’s attractively designed but I wouldn’t call it super tough — it isn’t enclosed at the bottom and has 6-foot drop protection. It comes in four colors, including this teal variant, which I happen to like best. (If you’re going to get a “green” case, it might as well be green.) 

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Tech 21 offers a few different eco-friendly case options for the iPhone 12 series. The cases are made of biodegradable materials and have a grippy texture that helps you avoid having your phone slip out of your hand. The Eco Slim model is available in a few different color options and offers good drop protection (it’s rated for up to 10-foot drops) while also being relatively slim. Prices vary a bit by the type of iPhone 12 you have but most versions cost $15 or less. 

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KerfCase has been making handmade wooden cases for a while, and its new Plywood case is not only more durable but less expensive than some, starting at $50, with 6-foot drop protection and a limited lifetime repair warranty. I like it better than other cases made of wood that I’ve tried. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s MagSafe charger will stick to the back of it, and KerfCase sells matching charging docks for the Apple MagSafe charger (yes, it’s an accessory for an accessory).

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