You Can Snag 2 EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Stations During Amazon’s Spring Sale for $4,699

If you need power to stay safe during an outage, a high-capacity power station is a good option. Not only can it keep your home powered, it can also usually handle high-wattage appliances, so you could potentially keep a fridge or AC on for a long period of time. During Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, you can snag a pair of EcoFlow Delta Pro power stations for just $4,699, a discount of $1,850. 

One Ecoflow Delta Pro power station has an energy storage capacity of about 3.6 kWh, and you can add additional units for a total energy storage capacity of 25 kWh. Since you’re getting two power stations with this deal, you’ll have a combined capacity of around 7.2 kWh. 

A single Delta Pro unit has 15 different outlets, with more than five different ways to power your appliances and electronics. You’ll be able to recharge the Delta Pro’s batteries within a few hours by plugging it into a wall outlet or connecting portable solar panels. 

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